Quick and Easy Stir Fry.

Hey everyone,
I didn’t have much time to prepare my dinner tonight before I was out the door again so I wanted to whip up something quick and tasty for dinner.


🔹Add some chopped ginger, chilli and one small clove of garlic to a wok with a little drop of rapeseed oil.
🔸Next add the chicken. I chopped two small chicken breasts into cubes and added it to the wok.
🔹Once the chicken is browned, add your vegetables. I chopped some onion, pepper, courgette, mushrooms and added to the pan with some beansprouts.
🔸When it is all cooked through and nearly done, add some chilli sauce as well as another small dribble of oil. A few drops adds so much flavour to the stir fry as well as the ginger and garlic.
🔹And serve! I also cooked some sweet potato in the oven and served it on the side.

Voila! Something quick and tasty for a Monday night dinner.


Now time to go rustle up some healthy oat treats!
😁Happy Monday guys 😁



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