Detox Juice and Purple Porridge.

Happy Weekend everyone!

I started my Saturday with a yummy detox juice and purple porridge. Yes you read correctly, purple porridge! A super yummy and healthy start to the weekend.

– Chop 2 apples, 1 celery stick and a good sized piece of ginger (depending on your tastes).
– Add to your juicer with a splash of orange juice (you could use lemon juice instead) and add plenty of ice to make it nice and cold.
– And BLEND!

A yummy apple juice with a nice kick of ginger to make you feel more refreshed for the weekend ahead.


– Start by making regular porridge with oats and either milk, water or apple juice. (I use semi-skimmed milk)
– Once the porridge is near your desired consistency, add some berries. I use frozen berries which I always keep in my freezer. Once these defrost, I add them to my porridge and stir well. This is when the purple bit comes along!
The juice from the berries turns the porridge purple which makes it look a lot better!! 😁

And serve!
I had mine with a morning cup of tea.


Let me know what your top detox smoothies consist of and how you make your porridge more exciting! I find it very hard to eat without any added flavour so please share your top tips!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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